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Dear Martial Arts Instructor,

If you've ever experienced the constant frustration of trying to keep your youngest students focused during your lessons then this may be the most important message you'll ever read.

Because I am going to show you how to instantly grab the attention of every kid in your class so that you can teach your skills to them more effectively. You'll be able to produce great students of the highest standard without having to deal with unfocused kids disrupting your lessons and consuming your valuable teaching time.

But, First I want to tell you how
I discovered the secret...

When I was a kid (a long time ago)...  I was a Huge Fan of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan and always wanted to do all the cool things they could do but there wasn't a very big focus on kids martial arts classes back then. 

Basically the kids classes were the same as the adults which meant a lot of repetitive drills and heavy sparring sessions which resulted in either Boredom or Pain

Now I've moved through a few different systems over the past 20+ years, from Zen Do Kai, Kali and Silat to Thai Kick Boxing, Freestyle Street Fighting and most recently American Kenpo so I've had exposure to a lot of different Instructors, their personalities, their pros and cons.

I always observed the Instructors of the kids classes at all the different schools that I trained at over the years because as I conitnued learning I found that I also loved teaching others and dreamed of one day running my own school.

Those dreams were put on hold

After 6 years at Uni I was working in the Architectural field stuck behind a desk.  As the years ticked by I was now working 60+Hrs/week, lost touch with friends because I was always working and I put on 44lbs because I'd quit my Martial Arts training.

...the Martial Games for Kids Program is an effective tool for teaching essential Martial Arts Skills to Kids while maintaining a fun environment...

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Aaron Perry - Creator of Martial Games
My goal of being a Martial Arts Instructor
had been put on hold for far too long...

My social life, my health and my mental state were all suffering so I bowed out of the Architectural world and found a different job that gave me more time to rebuild my life...  I started training martial arts again with a couple of new friends and got my life, my health and my priorities back in order.

A Martial Artist With 21 Years Experience
Finally Reveals His Greatest Secrets...
"How To Instantly Grab The Full Attention
Of Your Youngest Students"
And He Also Reveals...
"How To Keep Them Focused Like A Laser"
(For The Entire Lesson, Even If They Have ADHD!?! )
"Are you looking for a reliable way to keep your youngest students focused during training so they train harder, learn more quickly and don't drop out of your Martial Arts School?"

Within a couple of weeks we
were reaching capacity!

We quickly had to add extra days.  Those day filled up just as quickly even though we were now charging more than the other martial arts schools in the area

We had to start a waiting list

We had only planned to run the school as a part time business a couple of days a week... But we ended up with a waiting list of kids wanting to train with us.

I was really proud of the response.  I heard through the grapevine that other schools were not happy with the attention we were getting (especially since we were a new school in the area and we were charging more than the average rate).

Other Martial Arts Schools Wanted
to Know What Our Secret Was?

They learned their Techniques much more quickly which saved us from the frustration of spending weeks going over the same material again and again

They started building core body strength that helps protect them from training injuries and that equals Happy Parents

They now have Greater eye-hand and eye-foot co-ordination which dramatically improves all of their techniques

Even the youngest kids start showing Leadership Skills and gaining their Inner Confidence

It was a deliberate plan of ours to make the kids lessons fun... so I had started creating games to play during the lessons that focused on the skills that we were teaching in that nights lessons.

If we were teaching kicking skills we used the "Climb The Ladder" game and if we were teaching blocking then we used "The Mummies Return" game to help show the kids how to apply the new skills

The games I designed turned out to be one of the most succesful ideas.  They're a great way to break up the lesson while still teaching the important skills we had planned for that night. 

Rather than just teach the kids how to block and then have them do repetitive martial arts drills over and over again in the air, we used the Martial Arts Games to show them how to apply their new skills.

"These Special Martial Arts Games
Really Held The Kids Attention"

I soon realised these Martial Arts Games were having other unexpected benefits:

These are all great benefits for your students, but what are the benefits for You and Your Martial Arts Business?

You will develop Excited Students and Raving Fans that will tell all of their friends about You and Your Martial Arts School.  Word-of-Mouth advertising is the best way to grow your business and it doesn't cost you a cent.

Your current Students will stick with you for the long term.  Nothing is more disappointing than having a good student drop out of your school after you've invested months or years into training them. 

How To Get Through To Those Difficult Kids
(Because Every Class Has Them)
How To Attract A Large Group Of
New Students In Just One Day!!!
What Do You Do That Makes You The Best Choice Available To Prospective New Students?

This 13 page report will walk you through the steps needed to seperate Your Martial Arts School from the rest of the pack.

Your Marketing Identity is the Image You Portray with Everything You Do.

Super Secrets For Teaching Kids:

If You Can't Hold Their Attention during a lesson then You Can't Teach Them during a lesson.

Why are Kids are so much harder to teach than adults?

I can show you how to get through to even your toughest kids by...

This is your Key to running fun and productive classes... no longer will you have to bang your head against the wall in frustration.
How and Where Do You Find
Your New Group of Students?

Right Now, can you Imagine signing up 15-20 new students in a single day?

What would that be worth to you as extra cash in your pocket every month? 

More money to invest in new training gear, better mats, you'll be able to buy higher quality awards for the kids tournaments and gradings, maybe splash out on a bigger and brighter professional signage on your own building.

I'll show you two of the best ways to attract new students into your Martial Arts School.

In just the next 5 minutes you can start
planning Your Own Amazing Events!

Once You read the Information in this report you'll discover the endless possibilities that can Rapidly Grow your Martial Arts School as Huge as You Want It!

Martial Games For Kids
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"and You also get..."

We Were Stunned With The Results
We Were Stunned With The Results
YES, Give Me Instant Download Access Today...
     The kids are bored and and don't understand what they are doing or why they should care.

     The Parents are unhappy because their kids want to give up.

     And You're unhappy because you spend too much time dealing with problems and not teaching

     Even the good students will drop out because they aren't learning new stuff every week and they lose interest.

These are common problems that every Martial Arts School owner suffers from, so if this rings bells with you then take some comfort in knowing that you're not alone.  In fact most schools have these problems which is why I took the time to take my most successful insights and put them into a book to help other instructors just like you.

The Secret to Teaching Kids Martial Arts
is becoming their hero...

When you can get the kids to sit quietly and listen to every word you say, the results are amazing...

A technique or principal that you've been trying to teach them for a full month can be learned in a single session when you have their Full Attention... and they can learn it while they are having fun.

The kids turn up early for class eager to get started and their parents start thinking you have some kind of weird mind control over the kids because they behave so much better for you than they do when they are at home.

I'm sure these are all things that all Martial Arts Instructors dream about but the big question is...

How Did We Make This Happen?

Now, After years of watching good and bad instructors I had a heap of great ideas... But ideas are just that... IDEAS!

Now I finally had the opportunity to put these Ideas to the Test on a real class full of new kids.

We all agreed that the classes had to be fun but there was no way we were going to compromise the integrity of the martial arts skills we wanted to teach. 

We had all seen instructors focus on both extremes which lead to failure... some were all fun and no content and others were all hardcore training and no fun... Both of these styles of teaching were a disaster for the kids classes.

Our Aim was to find that perfect balance between the two.

With every lesson we were testing new ideas and looking at the results.  What worked well and what didn't, some ideas really failed miserably.  We didn't get everything right and we made plenty of mistakes in the begining but we quickly adjusted with a focused effort in every class to fine tune the lesson plans.

David Giovenco
Australian Representative for
Jeff Speakman's Kenpo 5.0
...we have had no trouble filling our classes and at times have had to set up waiting lists...

As owners of a karate school based in Brisbane specialising in teaching children aged 5-12 years, we are constantly striving to find new ways to keep our students enthusiastic and interested during our lessons.

Our combined 30 years experience in Martial Arts has taught us that traditional "adult" class formats are not effective in keeping the children's energy levels high.

In our classes Martial Arts games play an essential role in teaching children as young as 5 years valuable skills such as focus,speed,power,balance and co-ordination while having fun at the same time.

Over the last 2 years we have had no trouble filling our classes and at times have had to set up waiting lists because interest has been so high.

Don & Suzanne Woods
Karate Instructors
Brisbane, Australia
"We highly recommend Martial Games For Kids as a powerful tool for teaching Martial Arts to children."
Excellent information.

I hope that more instructors will make note of it. As the Editor of World Martial Arts Magazine I visit on average 3 schools a week. This type of information is desperately needed in the martial arts community. Keep it comming.

I highly recommend your book "Martial Arts Games for Kids" to any instructor who wants to improve the quality of their class and increase retention.

By the way, adults love many of these drills too.

Best Regards,
Richard Hackworth
"I recommend Aaron Perry's book which comes with a monthly newsletter."

He has the martial arts knowledge and the ability to transfer his knowledge and experience to his fellow martial arts instructors.

I believe this skill was taken into consideration as he developed these martial arts games to help ensure learning, loyalty and even advertising via word of mouth and game days amongst his students and his students guests.

Sensei J. Richard Kirkham
With this New Information and the Bonus Reports I'm offering you... You will learn how to grow your Student numbers as fast as you can handle... if not faster! (You might have to start a waiting list of your own)

My favourite bonus is that you don't waste time teaching kids that leave after a couple of weeks or months. That is a waste of your time and theirs. It can frustrate you and make you question if you're doing the right thing...

That's why I believe The Absolute Biggest Benefit for all serious Instructors who love passing on their Martial Arts Skills is...

So after I was able to keep a class full of kids under control for an entire lesson week after week I decided…

So I decided to combine all the Successful Ideas from the past 5 years of experimenting and testing… all the time spent researching about ADHD, Child Psychology and Behavioural Learning into a single solution that'll make Grabbing and Keeping the Kids Attention a piece of cake for Martial Arts Instructors.

I've already done all the hard work and I want to save you all that time and energy.

You'll get all the Ideas, tips, techniques and games I've been using for years that'll allow you to keep your youngest students focussed on their martial arts training when you invest in:

"Why Not Make The Ability To
Keep Kids Focused Like A Laser
Available To All
Martial Arts Instructors!"

Martial Games For Kids
Martial Games For Kids will enable any Martial Arts Instructor to get their kids classes under control and ready to learn without having to stop the class repeatedly and demand their attention through force or threats of punishment.

You'll get a No B.S. Book with 31x Games designed for teaching kids martial arts and a full explaination of when and how to use these martial arts games to get your classes under your complete control from start to finish in every lesson. All of this was created from 5 years of trial and error testing on real kids in real everyday martial arts lessons in a variety of schools

You see, I am very proud of Martial Games For Kids. Because after you add this information into your lessons you'll be able to hold their attention from start to finish. You'll also be able to teach them a lot more content in every lesson because you won't have all the time wasting distractions that unfocussed kids create.

    Sounds great, doesn't it?

Which Of These Proven Powerful Activities
Could You Use To Help Your Students?

       12x Co-ordination Building Games and Drills

       7x Upper and Lower Body Strength Builders

       A Dozen Games to Improve Their Overall Balance

       Eye-Hand and Eye-Foot Accuracy Training Techinques

       Memory Enhancing Martial Arts Activities

       …And a whole lot more!

Okay, So What's The Cost For
Knowing How To Control a Class Full Of Hyperactive Young Kids Forever!!

You see, there are many instructors who spend long hard years trying to teach martial arts to unfocussed kids. Spending countless hours of time wasted banging your head against the wall.

Plus you can buy other products out there that range between $30.00 and $849.00 but you end up frustrated at the end.

Believe me, I saw it all over the last 21+ years!

But I'm not going to charge you anywhere near that amount for the Martial Games For Kids. You can get everything you need to turn your class of little horrors into a group of Angels and focus your own time on teaching rather than crowd control for a low price of $57.00.  (Easily worth $97.00 or more)

You see, $57 is a drop in the bucket compared to the money your going to lose everytime a student drops out of class because they are bored or the parents feel they aren't learning enough. You'd probably spend a lot more each year on advertising to attract new students to keep your classes full.

What is every student worth to your business?...

$50.00, $80.00, $100.00 a month in training fees?
(Keeping one student for one extra month is worth how much to you?)

Why not invest that money to keep all of your current students longer and get them all to a black belt and then beyond to 3rd, 4th or 5th Dan?

Believe me, I wish my old instructors had the information in Martial Games For Kids when I was learning martial arts. It would have saved me from hours of boring repetitive lessons and thousands of punishment pushups so I could have learnt the core martial arts skills a lot quicker and had fun doing it.

So what's the catch? Why am I practically giving this Powerful Information away?

We'll it's really quite simple. I want to give every Instructor, including you, the ability to teach a class full of attentive kids. I definitely wouldn't have been able to achieve what I have without it!

In fact, to shamelessly bribe you even further, here are some extra bonuses:

That's right! I'll give you these 3 bonuses worth $171.00 and a 30 day free trial to the Highly Succesful Inner Circle Newsletters when you take action today and invest in Martial Games For Kids. This is limited time offer I can take down at any second-so take action today!

But I Know You're Skeptical About
Gaining the Full Control of Your Kids Attention
In As Short Amount Of Time Possible!

That's OK…I've been there! That's why I'm offering the following 100% Risk Free Guarantee:

I feel this is as fair as I could be!

That means you can try out Martial Games For Kids at my risk. See if it works for you or not. And if it doesn't produce, I honestly want to you to ask for your money back!!

But I'm sure you'll be able to grab control of your classes and have your youngest students full attention in no time.  I wouldn't have spent the time and effort creating Martial Games For Kids and writing this letter to you if I didn't think it would help you to teach your martial arts skills to grateful young students that stick with you and grow into great young adults!

You Really Can't Afford NOT To Invest In Martial Games For Kids.

Right now, you have two choices:

You can either continue trying to teach your martial arts skills while also acting as a crowd controler for a class full of little lunatics.

Or you can take action today, right now, by investing in Martial Games For Kids. And start training kids that will listen to your instructions and stay with your school for many years to come.

This choice is yours.

Imagine starting a 5yo kid in your class and teaching them for a decade or more, watching them grow and progress through your martial art, becoming a role model young adult, possibly becoming a junior instructor at your school and passing on their knowledge to other young students just like they used to be.

You can start by getting their full attention instantly when you take action today and you order the Martial Games For kids manual.

So order today, right now, while it's still hot on your mind. And be prepared to teach your kids your martial arts skills quicker than you ever have before!

Aaron J. Perry
P.S. One more thing, it's important: I reserve the right to raise the price of Martial Games For Kids based on demand. Plus, the 3 bonuses worth $171.00 may be taken off this and sold individually. So invest in Martial Games For Kids while this offer is still up!

P.P.S. Imagine being able to teach classes of well behaved kids that train hard in class and continue practicing in their own time at home. Martial Games For Kids was created to enable you to get disruptive kids under control and give you the time to focus on teaching all of your kids your martial arts skills as fast as possible. The best part is you're backed by my "Simple No B.S." Guarantee.  So order today!

Aaron's Simple No B.S Guarantee...

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How To Charge More Than Your Opposition
And Still Be The First Choice
How To Charge More Than Your Opposition
And Still Be The First Choice
Do you know the 3 ways kids learn new skills and how to all 3 ways at the same time?

Instantly learn simple techniques to improve their attention span

Discover the Secrets to using Positive Reinforcement Properly

Discover how to deal with aggresion and how to prevent it appearing during your lessons

I'll share with you my ideal lesson plan breakup that works wonders even on ADHD kids.
This vital information is the achievement of combining the best teaching insights from successful Instructors around the world.

I have gathered and refined the informatio into this concise, straight-to-the-point document that makes teaching kids a whole lot easier.
How To Get Through To Those Difficult Kids
(Because Every Class Has Them)
How To Attract A Large Group Of
New Students In Just One Day!!!
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I'll explain how you can make a profit while attracting new students into your dojo.

Discover how to find your ideal students and then get them to come and knock on your door asking you to train them

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When you know how to attract new students any time you want you can dictate what size club you want to run.  You may want to build a big school or run 4 small clubs for different groups... it's all up to you now.
Martial Games For Kids
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After a couple of years back on the mats, we were ready to take the next step...

A group of us decided to run our own school and teach kids martial arts classes and I jumped at the opportunity to help structure the lesson plans.  For years I had been watching  other Instructors bore their kids to death with repetitive drills and spend entire sessions stuck on one technique which is insane.

"Why Kids are much harder to teach than adults?"

As soon as a kid gets bored their minds drift off and they're looking around the room for something more stimulating.  They start talking or playing with the kid next to them and very quickly the boredom spreads like a virus across the room and you realise your losing control of the whole class, even the good students.

You know you can teach them but their heart doesn't seem to be in it.  Sometimes you can feel like your wasting your time because you spend so much time just trying to keep the kids under control that you don't feel like you've been given the chance to teach them anything.

The wild kids with no discipline are a huge distraction to the rest of the class... even the really focussed kids are suffering and missing out on learning properley because the naughty kids are consuming too much of your time in every lesson.
Does this sound familiar to you?
Get Your Copy of AJ's Special Free Report "Teaching Kids Martial Arts"
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ATTENTION: Martial Arts Instructors!
For every four things we'd try on the kids we'd find two things that didn't work as planned, one thing that helped and one thing that showed real results.

So over the next 6 months we experimented like crazy, coming up with fresh ideas to test and measure. 

We were keeping the highly succesful ideas and making sure we re-used them in the lessons so now we knew we were including two or three great things into every session while also testing a couple of new ideas.

All of a sudden things started falling into place and we were getting more and more kids wanting to join the school and we hadn't done any real advertising yet.



"Time is money and having the best games for kids in one resource is a huge timesaver / money-maker.

I recommend "Martial Arts Games for Kids" for any instructor seeking to keep his or her classes fresh and the students coming back for more.

Even if you are not a club owner, you will blow the students, their parents, and the school owner away with these fun and creative games."

John Graden
Owner of MATA
Florida, USA